Facilitation Process

If you follow the simple ideas we advance over the ten sessions of this program it will impact many years of your career.

  • Program Focus

    This program is for medics with a minimum of two years of experience that want to accelerate their careers. We cannot create experience in you in a few hours, but we can show you how to get the most out of the experiences that you will have, striving to understand how to improve the care you render, make fewer mistakes, learn from the mistakes you do make. Learn to become the 'tip of the sword' providing the pinnacle of EMS care, and experience fulfillment in the knowledge that you are developing that capacity.

  • Primary Session Topics

    The eight initial sessions include: Problems Solving; Delivering on the Promise; Maximizing Your Tradecraft; Fulfilling Training and Operational Initiatives; Fulfilling Leadership Initiatives; and, Human and EMS Resilience. We discuss High Reliability Organizations, and how to function as a Highly Reliable Medic, even if your organization is not meeting that parameter. We also examine the issues, strengths, weaknesses, and controversies of 'Just Culture'.

  • Highly Experienced Facilitators

    The three facilitators for this class have over 75 years of combined EMS experience. That experience ranges through many different types and formats of EMS provision. This small, very experienced cadre of facilitators have "walked the walk" in ground, critical, tactical, and specialty EMS, in volunteer, career, industrial, special event, hospital-based, fire-based, and third service EMS programs.